Monday, February 22, 2010

Terracotta Bear...

I dyed my German mohair-viscose. And I liked it:)
I made a Terracotta Bear with this fabric.
He is about 11" tall, soft and cozy...
He is going to be for sale any day now.


Großmutters Nähkästchen said...

Oh, he is a charming boy! ♥


Aнна Герасимова said...

Леночка, с новым мишкой тебя! Он замечательный!

Doreen said...

He is wonderful!!!

primsista said...

Thank you Michaela!:)

Спасибо Ань, большое!:)

Thanks a lot Doreen!!:)

~Tonya said...

How adorable Elena! That color is so different and very neat! I am sure you had a blast with it.

Just curious...did you ever email me back? Shoot me an email, to let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much Elena.


primsista said...

Hi Tonya,
I did send you an email looong time ago:)))
I just sent another one to you:)
Check it out...