Thursday, December 17, 2009


I added these guys to my ETSY.
All of them now for sale.
You are welcome to check them out HERE


~Tonya said...

Your handmades are so STINKIN' SWEET! I love the bears best...I am partial to bears ;)

I am sure they will have new homes in no time! I for one would love to own one, but with times the way they are now days....the only way I could ever own one is with a swap LOL

Gotta Love swaps. Have a Most Joyous Holiday Season.


heidi said...

Bless them,they are sooooo sweet!!
Love the little piggy,his nose is so cute.
I hope they all find nice new loving homes for christmas.x

primsista said...

Thankyou, thankyou Tonya!
I looove you dolls, so we can trade with you , I will be glad to do so...:)))
You just made my day:)))))

Merry Christmas to you too!


primsista said...

Thanks a looot Heidi!
Your words mean so much for me, I am so glad that people like my amanals( my daughter use to say the word "amimals" like that:)))


All Bear said...

Love your ellie, he's a beauty!